2019 MBLM Brand Intimacy Study Puts Chevrolet On Top

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Chevrolet is showing its prowess in the automotive industry. The American carmaker recently earned the top automotive spot in the 2019 MBLM Brand Intimacy Study and the fourth spot overall.

This study measures “the science of emotion” — also known as the survey respondents’ emotional connection — of brands across a total of 15 industries. MBLM contacted 6,200 customers from three countries — 3,000 of which were from the United States — to gauge their emotional responses to brands from industries including automotive, fast food and media. The 20-minute survey’s results were then populated to create the organization’s Brand Intimacy Model.

The Brand Intimacy Model looks at five components:

  • The user
  • A strong emotional detection
  • Six archetypes of intimacy (fulfillment, identity, enhancement, ritual, nostalgia, and indulgence)
  • Three stages of intimacy (sharing, bonding, and fusing)
  • The Brand Intimacy Quotient

Chevrolet earned the top spot in the automotive brand, according to the 3,000 American respondents, earning a Brand Intimacy Quotient of 62.5. This is a significant increase over the brand’s 2018 score of 48.5 and impressively higher than the automotive industry’s 2019 average of 46.4. The American carmaker came in fourth place in the overall survey results, coming in behind Disney, Apple, and Amazon, while beating out other brands like Netflix, PlayStation, and YouTube.

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