Back-to-School Tips to Prepare for the Upcoming School Year

classroom in Sherman, TX

A new school year is starting, which means it’s time to help your child feel more comfortable and prepared for upcoming academic and social challenges. Whether it’s your child’s first year in school or he’s about to graduate, consider these back-to-school tips to help start the school year off right.

According to PBS, it’s important for kids and parents alike to meet the new teachers, often at your school’s back-to-school open house. Many teachers will also welcome phone calls or emails. Speaking to a teacher before the school year starts is a great way to calm nerves — both yours and your child’s.

Connect with friends and plan a carpool. It’s a good idea to set some ground rules for every carpool about how long you’ll wait before leaving, whether you can bring food or drinks and how you’ll compensate each other for gas.

Tour the school and have a conversation with your child about safety. This includes avoiding talking to strangers, taking rides and so forth. Also, be sure to discuss proper street-crossing rules and safety tips, and take some time to ease your child into a school routine to reduce stress.

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