Chevy Youth Baseball Program Helps Kids Get in the Game

baseball in Sherman, TX

Did you ever dream of being a professional athlete? For tons of kids across America, Chevy is helping this dream stay alive.

Since 2006, Chevy has sponsored Chevy Youth Baseball, a youth baseball program that has over 8 million players across the country. Last year, 1,299 Chevy dealerships helped implement the Chevy Youth Baseball program, which drew in over 623,000 participants.

While some children have the opportunity to participate in sports growing up, other children can’t afford to, or are part of programs that lack money and support. Chevy Youth Baseball aims to include everyone not only by offering the opportunity to play, but by extending a helping hand to already-existent programs in need.

Since its inception, Chevy Youth Baseball has donated over 149,000 kits of baseball equipment as well as provided 15,346 league enhancements. Some of these league enhancements include refurbished fields as well as new uniforms for players. They have also sponsored 1,810 youth clinics over the years, which give kids the opportunity to grow as players.

Chevy Youth Baseball isn’t the only way Chevy shows support to communities. The Youth Baseball program is part of Chevy Cares, an initiative that aims to help those in our country who most need it. 

We at Sherman Chevrolet Cadillac are proud to represent an automaker that supports kids and their communities.

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